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Mobile Water Box Adrian Zwahlen

Mobile Energy Box

Near a river or stream, we can convert a converted shipping container into a high-tech renewable energy facility within a week. Due to the lack of electricity supply in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and South America, we are concentrating on these continents. The water flows through the box through the hydrodynamic screw which generates electricity very efficiently. Combined this possibility with a mobile fountain solution - also called mobile water box and a system for the development of the radio network become. It was invented and patented by the Swiss hydropower expert Adrian Zwahlen.






Hydropower is a proven and mature technology in the renewable energy world. It is CO² neutral and one of the most important and efficient renewable energy sources.

Hydrodynamic screw

Mobile Power Box 6 Archimedische Schraube
Mobile Power Box 6 Archimedische Schraube

A hydrodynamic screw is the energetic reversal of the Archimedean screw: thanks to the extraction of water, energy can be gained. Even watercourses and rivers with small height differences of 1 to 4 meters are suitable for using the mobile powerbox to generate energy. Taking into account a remaining minimum amount of water in the river can be used economically from 500 to 2000L / s per unit water. The snail, which is comparable to a giant screw, is housed in the container; it is oriented obliquely downwards and in the direction of flow of the water. The water causes the screw to rotate as it flows down the thread. Since the slope of the screw is relatively low, it rotates relatively slowly (25 to 40 revolutions per minute). The slow turns do not harm fish.

Advantages of a hydrodynamic screw

Mobile Power Box 7 Archimedische Schraube
Mobile Power Box 7 Archimedische Schraube

• Efficiency is consistently high, even with different flow rates and drop heights.
• The lower bearing does not require a lubrication or grease pump, which has a positive effect on sustainability and operating costs.
• The efficiency is massively higher than that of the water wheel in the partial load range.
• The parts have a long service life because of the robust and reliable design. Therefore, a lifetime of 40 to 50 years and more is realistic for this type.
• Solid materials such as wood, stones, etc. pass through the hydrodynamic screw without any consequences or hindrances.
• Especially with small height differences, the hydrodynamic screw achieves an extremely high cost-benefit ratio.
• Supply of mobile water boxes as well as mobile telecommunication boxes


Mobile Power Boxen
Mobile Power Boxen

By combining several boxes, larger systems and corresponding additional power can be realized. The length of the hydrodynamic screw is adjusted according to the given gradient.

Technical specifications

Energy output: 5 to 60 kW
Gradient: 0.8 to 5 meters
Amount of water: 0.5 to 2 m³ per second and system
Container mass: L x W x H: 40 '= 12.116 x 2.348 x 2, 592 m
Weight: up to 20 tons


The Mobile Power Box can be equipped with a synchronous or asynchronous generator. The operating voltage (eg 430 V) is adapted to the local electrical distribution network. In synchronous execution, isolated operation is possible.

Various converters

Mobile Power Box Schneckengetriebe

Mobile Powerbox can be equipped with various power converters. The hydrodynamic screw has decisive advantages over conventional turbines or water wheels: reliable operation, robustness of the material used and low maintenance are absolutely guaranteed with the hydrodynamic screw.


Adrian Zwahlen is the legal owner of the patent, patent application CH-PS 478/08 of Mar. 31, 2008 and the International Patent Application-PCT to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under number PCT / EP 2009/053715 of 30th March 2009. The patent for MPB was granted in 2012 under the number EP2263002.

Further patents are in progress

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