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1. Why do we start in Kenya?

Kenya proved to be one of the most stable African countries last year (tenth).
The awareness in the DACH area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is high due to the established tourism.
Kenya has one of the highest gross domestic product in East Africa.

2. How many people can be provided with a mobile water box?

Between 2,000 and 10,000.

3. How much potential is there?

In Kenya alone there is a potential of 4,000 mobile water tanks.

4. How is the water purified?

There are multi-stage filters as well as a UV-system, which frees the water from bacteria, viruses and fungi and, if necessary, even removes the last impurities with chlorine.

5. How does the payment system for drinking water work?

Over 80% of Kenyans have a mobile phone. Therefore, the so-called MPESA method (Mobile Payment Method) is very common. Each customer receives a water credit card.