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Drinking Water

Water treatment by groundwater, filtering and sale.


We build a Mobile Energy Box next to a river. Through the fall of the water we generate renewable energies.


We can move out an antenna from our Mobile Telecom Box to unlock the electronic information exchange of these rural areas.

Social Meeting Point

Our mobile distribution center for water, energy and telecommunication are a perfect hub of other social infrastructures. We offer free WIFI and charging stations for mobile phones.

International Training Center

To satisfy our high claim for quality, we are setting up our own training centre to create qualified staff.


No trees, no Water. Thats why we engage everyone and ourselves to plant trees for the local community of our establishment and the region.

People worldwide without clean drinking water in mio.
Yearly deaths in thousands because of dirty water
Government requests for project realizations
Investments in thousands till today

Board of directors

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Pilot Project

At the moment we are realizing a pilot project in Kenya (Province Makueni: Makindu City, Provice Migori; Rongo City 1 Hospital and 2 Schools). The population dreams from a solution which helps millions of people to have a easier and safer life. To bring water, energy and telecommunication to even more people, we need your investment. To give everyone the chance to be a part of the change, we created a crowdfunding campaign. Donations are of course also welcomed. Thank you for helping Africa!

We reforest Africa and engage everyone to be a part of it.

The container idea

Standardized containers (for example Seacontainers) are ideal for standardized, factory-prefabricated structures in which water treatment plants or energy converters are installed. The modules can be expanded as required and enable tailor-made solutions. The standardization ensures that containers can be transported worldwide by truck, ship or rail.

Mobile Power Box Transport
Mobile Power Box Transport



Their financial support is the cornerstone and hope for developing rural areas in the Third World. Not only do you support a social, economic project, you also profit from it yourself. The developing world's population is longing for our Mobile Water Box, which allows you to go back to school or start a business every day through the 6 hours of time gained.

Request project

You want to tackle infrastructural development for your community, but do not take any risks? Our mobile solution is your answer.

That’s what our future customers say

“If I do not need hours to go to the water to get more, I can finally open a shop.”

Ghanima Kenya

“More available 6 hours a day as we do not have to walk the long way to the river anymore and I can finally go back to school.”

Bahati Consumer
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Wenn Mensch und Tier Wasser teilen muss!

When humans and animals need to share water resources

In many places in Africa people and animals have to share the […]

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