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Investing - Our project

Your commitment and benefit: A win - win situation between you and inhabitants of rural areas in Africa will be implemented, executed and accompanied by CWC.
Become a member of the CWC community (CWC becomes a member of the Diplomatic Council, a non-affiliated organization with advisory status (link: DC)
Actively engage in countering land and asylum flight in Africa with a positive alternative
Be part of a pioneering idea with great potential. Contribute to counteract the general trend of rural depopulation in emerging countries with small steps and targeted projects. Make a strong commitment to a decent, safe water supply in rural areas of Africa. Enable people in the poor areas of the world to fulfill their water needs in a sustainable way, thereby significantly improving their living standards.

The residents of Africa and the staff of Clean Water Company thank you for your interest and commitment.

The present day is increasingly marked by regional rivalry between ethnic groups, ethnic clashes, exploitation, politics, corruption and domination of resource-rich areas to the war with expulsion of people from their ancestral territories. Communication, internet and mobile phone contribute to this. The information goes today within minutes around the whole world, whether they serve for information or disorientate. Out of all these circumstances, strife and increased migration of peoples arise to an unprecedented extent. Are there solutions, can we make a difference together, help?

• Are you interested in taking part in a PROJECTIVE project with a great worldwide potential?
• It is also a concern with small steps and targeted projects to counteract the general trend of rural depopulation in emerging countries, and counter-tax
• Do you want to be strong for a decent, safe water supply in rural areas of different countries?
• With their commitment, people in rural areas of the world are able to sustainably meet their water needs and thus significantly improve their standard of living.

We, the company Clean Water Company, offer new perspectives with decentralized infrastructure solutions for clean drinking water, energy and communication.

Your sponsorship will trigger these steps
• Building, setting up the infrastructure in Kenya
• Drilling wells
• Install water treatment system
• Operate the drinking water treatment plant
• educate and educate the public
• Present to relevant government agencies and NGOs

What is important to us
• Right to clean drinking water
• Enable access and use of climate-friendly technology
• Self-determination on the use of seeds and staple foods
• promoting personal responsibility
• Awareness of nature and the environment


Mobilepowerbox checks all components for functionality and completeness before shipping. The short assembly time, the low-maintenance operation and the high availability during operation result in an optimal economy for the operator. MPB is a low-cost model, both in production and in operation, compared to conventional hydropower plants. Each site is continuously and rigorously assessed for cost effectiveness. For this purpose, the surrounding population and their infrastructure (schools, hospitals) is included.


Many years of experience to differentiate between possible, necessary and economically sensible. Independence, with which we can put together the most optimal solution for a specific project from various products available on the market. Innovative and flexible, even open to unconventional solutions, if they allow the problem to be thoughtfully realized. Products are used optimally in financial terms so that they are settled on time.

Reasons to invest in Clean Water Company

• In your name we build wells and water hotspots with fresh, clean drinking water
• In the long term, you will profit financially from social commitment
• (CWC becomes a member of the Diplomatic Council, an affiliate of the UN with advisory status (Link: DC)
• Actively engage in countering land and asylum flight in Africa with a positive alternative

What we want to achieve
• To enable environmentally sound water supply at reasonable, local prices through cooperation and the middle determination of the rural population
• Provide long-term, sustainable use of drinking water treatment plants through professional administration and maintenance.
• Clean water = healthy population, prosperous economy, no rural exodus

Payment system and development assistance versus investment

Example of Safaricom - the MPESA system

On 27.11.2017, the Swiss TV channel SRF published a very informative article. It is about the payment system MPESA (by Safaricom) which is also used by us. But also because of the digitization which comes through commercialization, the continent of Africa brought more progress within a few years than 50 years of development aid together! Heist Investing in Africa is the new donation!



"Nobody makes a bigger mistake than the one who does nothing because he can do little."


- Edmund Burke (Irish statesman, 1729-1797)