Lifetime of a plant in years
Production time in months
Assembly time in hours


The systems are remotely monitored and controlled via the GSM network. Thus, from any location in the world, the amount of water delivered in emergencies as in a too low groundwater level can be regulated. The supplied solar system with battery ensures a secure, redundant power supply to ensure reliable connection and operation.

On site, our specially trained staff are responsible for physical maintenance.


Mobilepowerbox is equipped and supplied with all necessary mounting material. Control and electrical unit are standardized. Standardized parts and mass ensure worldwide use. MPB can be set up and put into operation within a short time. The anchoring does not require large concrete foundations. Upon delivery, a construction and foundation plan is included. How to obtain from exclusively internationally known companies.


Construction and arrangement of Mobilepowerbox ensures trouble-free operation. Maintenance and support can be carried out and secured by locally trained personnel.

The availability of spare parts is guaranteed by the Clean Water Company Switzerland or directly by Mobilepowerbox Switzerland. Thanks to the sophisticated design, maintenance can be carried out in the shortest possible time. The service intervals are very far apart, because high quality materials and tested parts are used. For example, the main bearings of the hydrodynamic screw have a service life of about 100,000 operating hours (about 10 years).

For the production only known on the market, proven and thus widespread components are used. These allow the operator right from the start that the mobile powerbox works flawlessly.

Through our 24h Helpcenter we are always available for technical problems or similar through helpcenter@clean-water-company.com