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Mobile Power Boxen

A water hotspot / water kiosk / mobile water box (water treatment and delivery point) is usually connected to one or more wells (groundwater).
With central water dispensers, up to 10,000 people per box can be safely and efficiently supplied daily thanks to our safety concept. They are quickly set up and can be put into operation within a few hours. The water is released via an intelligent recognition and payment system. For this, every consumer gets a "water card" similar to credit cards or mobile payment system.

Near a river or stream, we can convert a converted shipping container into a high-tech renewable energy facility within a week. Due to the lack of electricity supply in the developing countries of Africa, Asia and South America, we are concentrating on these continents. The water flows through the box through the hydrodynamic screw which generates electricity very efficiently. Combined this possibility with a mobile fountain solution - also called mobile water box and a system for the development of the radio network become.

In Africa, the distribution of mobile phones is higher than in Europe. It is a tool to use Safaricom's widely used MPESA as a payment system. The network coverage is, however, very expandable. Here we want to help. Network coverage is diversified in different African countries. With our Mobile Telecommunication Box we can build a new mast on the edge of an existing radio network, which contributes to the development of further radio zones. The idea comes from the inventor Adrian Zwahlen.