Pilot Project


International Training Centre

We are currently engaged in the implementation of a pilot project in Kenya (Makueni, Rongo and Makindu provinces). The population literally longs for our solution, which makes life safer and easier for millions of people. To make water, energy and telecommunications cheaper and more accessible to people, they need YOUR investment. So that everyone can help we have started a crowdfunding. Donations are also welcome.

Planing of our projects
Planing of our projects

The systems are remotely monitored and controlled via the GSM network. Thus, from any location in the world, the amount of water delivered in emergencies as in a too low groundwater level can be regulated. The supplied solar system with battery ensures a secure, redundant power supply to ensure reliable connection and operation.

Schulungszentrum Clean Water Company
Schulungszentrum Clean Water Company

A special focus is the development of the ITC (International Technology Center) in Kenya. In 5-day courses, water masters are trained. They monitor the water treatment and water discharge in the water hotspots or the mobile water boxes. Every 2 years a repetition and further education course of the water master takes place in the training center.


Social Meeting Point



Our mobile infrastructure boxes are guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. A security concept adapted to the region is created and implemented by our watchdog partners. A webcam can support the guards during the night.

Our drinking water dispensers are the perfect starting point for meetings due to their central location and frequent use. We support the community with free WIFI and if you like, you can also download your mobile phone here.

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In Africa wood is harvested for the production of charcoal. The charcoal is easily used for fire cooking. Another problem is animal husbandry. Goats and other splitters eat shoots and seedlings of growing plants.