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Inadequate provision of hygienic drinking water and sanitary facilities to the population significantly hinders the social and economic development of the urban population throughout Africa. The aim of the vision is the sustainable supply of rural areas with hygienic drinking water hotspots. Among other things, this should make a direct contribution to improving the health situation. The target groups for the time being are the urban population as well as hospitals and schools in Kenya. The individual steps include immediate measures to set up and operate a long-term functioning drinking water supply.

Key objectives and aspirations of CWC (Clean Water Company)
• offer a comprehensive product ranging from water extraction to processing and water distribution
• improve the quality of water supplies in rural areas in every respect
• Provide clean water at affordable prices for every segment of the population
• Ensure the long-term use of the drinking water supplies through the own operation of the wells and water treatment plants
• sensitize the rural population to drinking water, agriculture, forestry, timber and hygiene through knowledge transfer and on-site training