When humans and animals need to share water resources

Wenn Mensch und Tier Wasser teilen muss!

In many places in Africa people and animals have to share the same water resource. It is sad enough when the only available water is in pools and is supplied by rain. But when people get drinking water from this resource, where at the same time cows, elephants and all other animals are being cared for, this is alarming.

The picture here shows very well the situation of many people in Africa. Animal feces but of course also soap from the people who also wash in it mixes. Nevertheless, the humans and of course the animals have no choice but to take what is available.

Cholera, typhoid and other water-related diseases are common
It is not surprising that water-related diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc. are very common and lead to very high treatment costs, which are not affordable for many people.

Sometimes the way to the water is far
Apart from the fact that this water is not edible, exactly the same ponds dry out every year and the population, humans and animals no longer have any water left or the water has to be scooped away.

We build decentralized water container facilities on a prepaid basis
That’s why we build our decentralized water container facilities to give people a sustainable option for quality water at affordable prices. Our facilities are placed where a concentrated population exists. We reduce the transport routes and bring the price of the water into an affordable area. The plants offer different water qualities for humans and animals and are supplied by sustainably built wells.

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